TGD is Taking Spring Break Off to Watch Sex-Filled Spring Break Movies, like 1983’s “Spring Break”!


Other than all the girls in bikinis, this totally reminds us of a lot of our Spring Breaks.

Kevin: It’s Spring Break week for Tough Guy Digest, which means sun, sand, and lots of hot R-rated nudity and adult situations. At least that’s what we were promised as kids by movies like 1983’s “Spring Break,” back when audiences apparently couldn’t get enough of movies about dumb white guys on vacation trying to score with super horny drunk chicks (and yes, “Spring Break” actually opened number one at the box office, beating out the opening weekend of Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Outsiders”):

Unfortunately none of our actual Spring Breaks were ever as fun and sexy as they were in the movies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live vicariously by catching up on such “classics” while we take this week off to spend time with friends and family. We’ll be back next week with some new posts including our write-up of the Charles Bronson “Death Wish” sequels (which we had planned to do after our review of the Bruce Willis remake, until a family emergency put that on hold), as well as a review of “The Hurricane Heist” if we can still find a theater playing it when we get back. Until then enjoy your own Spring Break if you are off this week, or if yours is still a week or two away, get in the mood with some other ‘80s beach T&A gems like 1985’s “Private Resort,” starring a young Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, and Andrew Dice Clay:

1982’s “The Beach Girls,” which my brother caught me watching once, and subsequently blackmailed me by threatening to tell our parents if I didn’t do his bidding for the next six months (trailer very NSFW):

And the movie that every boy with HBO back then watched with the sound down so as not to wake up their parents, 1984’s “Hardbodies”:

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2 thoughts on “TGD is Taking Spring Break Off to Watch Sex-Filled Spring Break Movies, like 1983’s “Spring Break”!

  1. I’m sure that The Hurricane Heist will still be in theaters, cruising on the star draw power of that one guy and that other guy.

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