Public Service Announcement: Get Your Ass to See “Geostorm” Because it’s the Most Fun You’ll Have at the Movies All Year


Gee you’ll never guess the identity of the surprise villain in “Geostorm.”

Kevin: Well after months upon months of anticipation, CJ and I finally got to lay our eyes upon Gerard Butler’s extreme weather disaster flick “Geostorm” this morning. So what did we think? Well we’ll have a full review in a few days, but for the time being let me just state that since we got out of the theater, the sun is shining brighter, food is tasting better, and the world just seems nicer now that “Geostorm” is in our lives. As we were exiting the theater CJ “joked” about whether we should immediately get tickets for the very next showing, but I think we both would agree that if we didn’t have stupid personal commitments that we probably would have grabbed a quick beer and walked right back into the theater.

Unfortunately it appears the rest of America was not as excited as we were, but those of us in that theater today are all better people now after having seen “Geostorm.” Is it a “good” movie in the traditional sense? Probably not, and thank god for that. Does it just want to entertain the hell out of you? Oh lord yes, and it will throw everything including the kitchen sink at the screen to make that happen. Will you laugh with it or at it? Who cares, you’ll be laughing either way and loving every minute of it. If you miss it now, will you watch it in the future and regret not seeing it on the big screen with a crowd? Absolutely.

Let me put it this way: “Geostorm” is the kind of movie that your typical douchebag hipster will someday claim to like ironically, but if you get him drunk on a couple of his favorite fruity craft cocktails will admit to loving this film completely unironically. So thank you Gerard Butler, director Dean Devlin, and everyone else associated with “Geostorm” for two of the best hours I have spent at the movies all year. I promise you that if you don’t get to a theater soon before “Geostorm” is gone you’ll regret it, while from now on my only regret in life is that I’ll never be able to see “Geostorm” for the first time again.


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