TGD Wishes Tom Cruise a Speedy Recovery Following “Mission: Impossible” Injury


Just another day at the office for Tom Cruise.

Kevin: It’s been said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but before yesterday you could have added “Tom Cruise’s ability to perform increasingly insane stunts unscathed” to that list. But like his fellow Greek god Icarus flying too close to the sun, Cruise was finally punished for his hubris in the face of death when he appeared to suffer an injury during the filming of the sixth installment of his “Mission: Impossible” franchise:

While the incident is a reminder that the age-defying star is still mortal like the rest of us, let’s give Cruise props for the fact that despite being in obvious pain after hitting the side of a building, he still attempted to get up and continue filming like a pro (and it appears that may have been the second failed attempt to land on the roof). It’s actually amazing something like this hasn’t happened before, as the behind-the-scenes features chronicling Cruise’s apparent desire to kill himself while filming one of these movies have become as synonymous with the “Mission: Impossible” series as double agents, secret identities, and Tom’s goofy running.

While the stunts on the first film back in 1996 (when his character Ethan Hunt was still contacting HQ from public phone booths) were relatively tame compared to what was to follow …

… since then the franchise has dangled Cruise off a cliff:

Had him scale the world’s tallest building:

And strapped him to the side of an airplane while taking off:

The fact that Cruise’s recent injury was sustained while filming a seemingly more basic stunt by comparison just shows how dangerous these can be even with a top crew and all the necessary safety requirements. While there is no word yet on how this will affect filming of “Mission: Impossible 6,” I have no doubt that Cruise will be back up and risking his life in the name of entertaining us in no time, and I look forward to seeing what his next death-defying set piece turns out to be. I’m thinking perhaps jumping out of a plane without a parachute, or trying to collect money from Suge Knight.


Get well soon Mav!

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