That Time James Bond Wore a RompHim™ in “Goldfinger”


So I take it there will be girls in this film, correct?

Kevin: During a news cycle involving controversy over White House leaks, provocations from North Korea, and Turkish security assaulting protesters on American soil, somehow the biggest viral story yesterday involved a very unfortunate would-be new trend in men’s fashion. If you are on social media to any degree it’s likely that you have seen at least one or probably 30 posts on the RompHim™, a Kickstarter-funded campaign to make rompers specially designed for men. See for yourself what will be “revolutionizing men’s fashion,” at least according to the website:


Now everyone who shared this story had a good laugh about how ridiculous these look, and how no “real man” would ever be caught dead wearing one. And while that’s probably true, they apparently forgot that 54 years before the RompHim jumped on the bandwagon, the big screen epitome of both a “man’s man” and a “ladies man” – British secret agent 007 – sported a male romper in probably the greatest James Bond film of all time, “Goldfinger”:

“Goldfinger” is beloved by Bond fans for many reasons: the best outing for the best-ever Bond in Sean Connery, one of the series’ best villains in Auric Goldfinger and most memorable henchman in Odd Jobb, and by far the best name for a Bond girl in Pussy Galore. Yet for a few minutes near the beginning it briefly turns into the worst Bond film in history due to the costume department putting Connery into the most emasculating piece of clothing they could possibly find. Now the scene starts by giving us exactly what we expect from James Bond, with 007 being interrupted during a massage and condescendingly sending his lady friend off with a smack on the bottom so that he and his CIA pal can engage in “man talk”:

But let me tell you, there is nothing remotely “manly” about what Bond decides to put on to have this man talk. Thank god none of England’s enemies ever saw its greatest protector wearing this terry-cloth monstrosity, because after they got done laughing their asses off they would invade immediately:

As bad as it is on screen, it looks even more ridiculous in the behind-the-scenes photos, including this shot of Connery and Bond author Ian Fleming, who after seeing the embarrassing getup they were putting his creation into probably briefly reconsidered selling the rights to the character:


Fortunately the balance is soon restored, as Bond ditches the romper to sleep with a woman he just met, and who in true Bond fashioned is immediately killed so that no man can sully her body after 007. Bond also makes a joke about needing earmuffs in order to listen to the Beatles, proving that he was really on top of the trends in both music and fashion. Eventually he foils the bad guy’s plan, possibly turns Pussy Galore away from lesbianism in what would probably now be termed a “problematic” scene, and most important of all he never puts on a romper at any point again over the next 23 films. So let’s just pretend this unfortunate moment in James Bond history never happened and remember 007 as he should always look:




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