Best of the Worst Week: The Award for “Worst Fight Scene” Goes to … “Undefeatable”


Kevin: While Hollywood has just wrapped up another awards season celebrating the best that it has to offer, this week TGD wants to shine a spotlight on some of the most enjoyably awful moments action cinema has given us over the years. Today’s category is “Worst Fight Scene,” and while usually any action sequence featuring Rudy Ray Moore (“Dolemite,” “Disco Godfather”) would be an instant front-runner …

… the surprise winner is the climax of 1994’s “Undefeatable,” starring female martial arts trailblazer Cynthia Rothrock, a cable TV staple back in the day with low-budget Hong Kong-made action flicks like “China O’Brien.” In “Undefeatable” she plays an underground street fighter who teams up with a cop (John Miller) to take down a psycho named Stingray, who is killing women and gouging their eyes out (setting himself up for a rather ironic fate, as you will see).

At least that’s what I’ve read the movie is about; I’ve only ever seen the final showdown between all three, and frankly that’s all I want to see because I can’t imagine how the rest of the movie could give me any more joy than the following three minutes:

This would already be the clear winner, but the fact that Miller can’t even convincingly deliver a simple three-word send-off (“Yeah … see ya!”) puts it over the top. Rothrock may have been the real deal who delivered a number of impressive fight flicks in her prime, but none have provided as much entertainment as this.


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