Let’s Put Politics Aside Over Van Damme’s Dancing in “Kickboxer”


They’re twins but totally different, one has his hair slicked back, you see?

Kevin: Here at Tough Guy Digest we like to be free of politics, unless we’re talking about the politics of kicking ass and taking names. Unlike Meryl Streep, we believe you can enjoy both MMA and “Florence Foster Jenkins” equally (not that any of us have tried). But we can’t ignore the fact that even as we mark another peaceful transfer of power in our country, America is as bitterly divided as it’s ever been.

Some of you reading this will likely have woken up this morning thrilled about the new direction of the incoming administration, while others are apparently depressed about what that same direction may hold for the issues you hold dear. Rather than take sides, we at TGD would instead like to bridge the political divide with something we think both Republicans and Democrats can enjoy: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s incredibly goofy dancing in “Kickboxer”:

“How were we blessed with this gift from God?,” you might ask. I don’t know, I’ve never actually watched “Kickboxer.” I have no idea what the context of the above clip is, and frankly I don’t want to know. I’d prefer to just keep watching it in a bubble and try to be just a tiny percent as happy as a young Jean-Claude appeared to be.

So if you wanted to “Make America Great Again,” you can watch that clip today and be even happier, and if you were “With Her,” you can watch it any time over the next four years if you need a pick-me-up. Either way, just note how many times control of the White House and Congress has changed since “Kickboxer” came out in 1989. Everything in politics is temporary, but the ability of Jean-Claude Van Damme to entertain us will be everlasting.


So apparently he was going undercover as some four-eyed nerd? I don’t know, as I said I haven’t seen “Kickboxer.”

And if you want or need some additional Jean-Claude goodness on this day, enjoy this clip from “Double Impact” about his ability to do the splits “nooo probleeeem”:

Thanks Jean-Claude, a more unified America already appreciates your contribution.


“The Muscles from Brussels.” Yeah I can’t remember which one that’s describing right now.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Put Politics Aside Over Van Damme’s Dancing in “Kickboxer”

  1. I can’t tell which of the four – JVCD, the two lady bar patrons, or the song on the jukebox – is most out of step with the others.

    I’m sure Jean-Claude has said he was directed to “dance drunk”. Still, not the most embarrassing display on the dance floor he’s had, if you’ve seen that clip from that Brazilian(?) variety show.

    Also I’ve not seen Kickboxer either, though I have seen Legionnaire!

    • Wait are you referring to the movie by the name “Legionnaire” or “Lionheart” in which he plays a legionnaire who goes AWOL and becomes an underground fighter? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • oh I mean Legionnaire. I’ll be damned if I can remember the plot but I do recall a scene where he’s staying as a guest or renter of a house and the old lady landlord peeps in a window on JCVD doing bedroom stuff with an attractive young lady – the old lady was heard expressing her approval about the ongoing activities.


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